Sunday, July 9, 2017

WBJEE 2017 Statistics


This year (2017) students had appeared in WBJEE (State Level Exam) and/or JEE Main (All India Level Exam) for admission to Engineering Courses in West Bengal. Students appeared from the following boards of India as well as West Bengal.
  • West Bengal Council for Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE), 
  • Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Senior School Certificate Examination
  • Indian School Certificate Examinations (ISCE)
  • Bihar School Examination Board (Senior Secondary) (BSEB)
When the WBJEEB result was declared the WBJEE Board declared some data in the news conference. These data throws some light which is worthy of analysis.

The scenario

Total candidates applied for: 1,17,544
Total candidates appeared in Engg: 1,00,976 (For counselling 1,00,433)
Total candidates appeared in Pharmacy: 1,01,763 (For counselling 1,00,175)
Obtained Zero or less in Engg: 543
Obtained Zero or less in Pharmacy: 588

CBSE Board: Total students appeared = 25% of 1,00,976 = 25,244
CBSE Board with first 10,000 rank holders =47% of 10,000 = 4700
Success rate = 4700*100/25244 = 18.6%

WBCHSE Board: Total students appeared = 47% of 1,00,976 = 47,459
WBCHSE Board with first 10,000 rank holders =26% of 10,000 = 2600
Success rate = 2600*100/47459= 5.5%

BIHAR Board: Total students appeared = 15% of 1,00,976 = 15,146
BIHAR Board with first 10,000 rank holders =13% of 10,000 = 1300
Success rate = 1300*100/15146= 8.6%

ICSE Board: Total students appeared = 6% of 1,00,976 = 6,059
ICSE Board with first 10,000 rank holders =9% of 10,000 = 900
Success rate = 900*100/6059= 14.9%


The exam was conducted by West Bengal Joint Entrance Board with syllabi similar to that of WBCHSE. Students of CBSE and ISCE Boards excelled compared to the State Boards. West Bengal Board students' success rate is a meagre 5.5%. Some where there is a problem in the syllabi of West Bengal Boards, in the teaching learning process or in the educational administration and execution. These problems should be addressed honestly.
Some of my personal opinions are as follows:
  • In CBSE and ISC Board attendance and discipline is very strictly executed. In State Boards attendance is very loose. Although the students of state boards take coaching from private tutors but they get very little school activities.
  • In CBSE and ISC Boards projects in every year are compulsory and the topics are up-to-date. That means the students have to collect the materials of the given topic from news paper, internet, locality, own survey, etc. This project makes them aware of the current topics and skilled enough to extract information from surrounding and media.
  • The syllabi are taken from very wide topics. Therefore, they acquire subject knowledge spread over a vast area, although their knowledge is often neither creative nor logical, because it requires some time to assimilate the knowledge by average students.

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